#004 A calculator

🌎 Overview

  • A calculator can be a great lead magnet
  • Capture prospective client emails + the context provided in the calculator
  • Distill complex topics to something accessible for clients or prospective customers

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Free

Tools Used: ucalc.pro (afilliate)

🛠 The Build - 6 Steps

Core Functionality

  • Build a calculator to capture data from the user
  • Return a result, or hide the result & email it to the user to ensure you capture their email
  • Embed the calculator in your website, and capture leads in your CRM

1. Create a ucalc account

2. Drag & drop fields & text to build your calculator

  • Here I'm building a calculator to determine the amount of your third stimulus (US) check
  • image

3. Preview your calculator

  • Hit the "Preview" button & complete your calculator to ensure each field works as intended
  • image

4. Set up your formula

  • Click "Formula"
  • Click each field and the operator buttons to build your calculation
Full stimulus formula
Subsequent changes to the stimulus (the reduction of the AGI phaseout) changed this calculation

Repeat the below for 2019, 2020 and 2021


5. Create a button to email the result

  • Add an email field, and a button
  • Customize the email and the form submission confirmation
  • Toggle whether you would also like to be emailed on each submission
  • Optionally, can you toggle your result to be hidden, so the user has to submit an email to see the result
  • image

6. Embed the calculator on your website

  • Hit save, and copy the code for your calculator
  • In your website builder, use an embed or code block, and paste the code
  • image

💪 Additional Functionality

Save email addresses to your CRM with Zapier
  • Create a Zapier email parser "mailbox", by going to parser.zapier.com
  • Click Create Mailbox
  • Copy the email address for your mailbox

  • In uCalc, modify your button settings to send results to your parser email address
  • image

  • In uCalc, from the preview screen complete a test submission, and click the button to trigger the email
  • image

  • In Email Parser by Zapier, you should have now received the test email
  • Select the lead's email address, and save the template
  • image

  • Create a new Zap with an Email Parser by Zapier trigger step, and select the mailbox you just created
  • image

  • Add an action step to add the parsed email address to your CRM of choice
  • image

Extract calculator data from the email with Zapier & follow-up with updates
  • Building on the previous example, in the parser mailbox setup highlight additional figures from the email that you would like to extract
  • image

  • In the subsequent Zapier action, save all the extracted data points to a database tool like Airtable
  • image

  • When changes are made down the road, determine which users are impacted by the change, and send follow-up notifications

Design conditional logic based on multiple results with Zapier
  • Building on the previous example, set up any number of paths for follow-on actions depending upon the results that were extracted from the email
  • image

📚 More Resources

  • A 10 minute video walkthrough of this build is available in the rlz.io community